The Freshest, Most Delicious Oysters

What do oysters, eels, and brackish water have in common? Eel Lake, in the Municipality of Argyle, Nova Scotia, is the site of an aquaculture operation that produces the most delicious oysters I have ever eaten. The lake is home to the D’Eon family’s Eel Lake Oyster Farm featuring the “Ruisseau” Oyster.

We spent an hour visiting the farming operation with two of the D’Eons, Clark and Colton. They took us out on a small boat to see the oysters in the beds on the lake.

Eel Lake has brackish water as it is fed from one end with fresh water and the other end with salt. Depending on the tides and rainfall, the water salinity changes and gives the oysters a distinct taste. In fact, Colton told us that oysters are kind of like wine. The taste of an oyster varies from region to region because of these variables. After about 14 days in a body of water, they will take on the particular taste or flavor of that water.

Our tour took place two weeks after spawning season and Colton showed us the oyster collectors used to collect baby oysters.

He then showed us the floating system used to house the growing oysters.

The system has gotten much better and easier to manage as the D’Eons have moved from labor intensive oyster bags to a system attached to floats.


The end result of the hard work is delicious briny oysters. We had them served raw as well as broiled with butter, garlic, and parsley. I prefer mine raw. If they were any fresher you’d have to be an oyster.




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