Taxi Fun

We decided, that is the adults in our group, to make our way to Yucai by cab this morning. Considering we had Wei with us this trip should not have turned into the minor adventure it did. Shenyang is developing so quickly that cab drivers don’t know all the new roads and ours was not sure where we were going. This was not a GPS enabled vehicle but we headed off in the right general direction. A few short miles from Yucai, our cab starts to sputter, rock, and make all sorts of dying noises. Somehow our driver manages to literally rock the car down one block of traffic, across five lanes, and up into a gas station where it promptly conks out in front of the pump. Our driver apologizes and suggests we find another cab. We do and find our way to Yucai a few minutes later.

Can number one in front of the pump.

Cab number two looks a lot like cab number one.

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