Lu and Wang Dinner

Last nights dinner afforded us the opportunity to try some new taste sensations. Our hosts were the parents of Phillip who will be joining us at Episcopal next year. The dad is a physician who now heads a pharma company in China and the mom teaches traditional Chinese medicine. The dinner featured a number of different dishes we had not seen before.

This was a beef dish with beef and other ingredients pressed into a mold and then sliced. It had a nice beefy flavor to it.

This was described as meat jelly. Definitely jelly like with a slight meaty flavor.

Head on shrimp that were very fresh and delicious.

This was one of the most fun items to date. Basically mashed potatoes with jelly and sprinkles on top. Melissa noted that this might be a good Thanksgiving side dish!

This was a fried Twinkie with condensed milk dip. It was delicious!

Here we have meatballs in a broth with noodles. It was briny goodness.

The last dish was a lovely whole fish (flounder?) that had a slightly spicy sauce. Another delicious meal with terrific hosts who were very kind and generous.

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