A Home Cooked Meal in Shenyang

Nothing could complete our time in Shenyang better than a home cooked meal. We were invited to the home of Caroline’s host family for our final dinner in Shenyang. It was our first dinner meal without a Lazy Susan but the table was plenty full.

By all measures this meal rivaled all of those we had in restaurants and it was prepared by Cindy’s mom! My favorite dish was the short ribs.

They had this deep meaty flavor, were tender, and had a perfect soy-based glaze.

This dish was refreshing and meaty all in one. On top of a lettuce leaf was sticky rice topped with beef that was marinated and pan fried. Added was a sprinkling of Japanese sesame shake (sesame seeds, salt, seaweed).

A pan fried white fish was light and flaky.

Here is another rendition of mashed yams with blueberry jelly. It was really good in an unexpected sort of way.

These were fish balls that had a lovely seafood flavor in a bite sized morsel.

And here are our wonderful hosts who invited us to their home, offered us a delicious meal, and made us feel part of the family. It was a perfect way to end our stay in Chenyang. Xie Xie!

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