Paradise Star was a Star of a Meal

Tonight we were taken to a lovely and casual dinner at a restaurant named Paradise Star in the City Center district. It is one of the few remaining residential districts in Shenyang with low buildings and small lanes. The dinner was another example of beautiful presentation and delicious dishes. A fruit plate lead off the meal along with two salad dishes.


One of new dishes we had was three cup shrimp. It is called three cup shrimp because it is made up of three different ingredients.

This was our first curry dish and it was similar to massaman curry and was delicious.

A stuffed clam arrived next and this preparation had small noodles and string cabbage that tasted like mild sauerkraut.

This chicken dish had a deep flavor infused with tea. It was crispy, moist, and had some very hot peppers with it.

Our hosts knew we were from the US and what do you serve Americans…steak! Deliciously spiced and cooked perfectly too.

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