A Week in the Life of a Yucai Student

After spending the day at Yucai School, I have a new appreciation for how hard these students have to work to succeed. The student that volunteered to give me a tour of the school is typical of the high achieving Yucai student.

Her class day begins at 7am and ends at 6pm. They have an exercise break in the morning, lunch, and a 45-minute sports time in the afternoon. After 6pm they have a self-study time that will typically last until 10pm. This is her Monday to Friday schedule. On the weekends she goes to a special tutoring school from 8am until 6pm for additional preparation in math and physics. Her semester ends with exams in about three weeks so I asked if the gets vacation after that. She said that she has to start preparing for the next term and goes back to the tutoring school. She is eighth grade and this is the typical schedule for seventh, eighth, and ninth graders.

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