The Art of Tea

When we arrived in China I hoped to gain a better understanding of tea in China. Today we received a lecture and hands-on demonstration of tea and tea preparation. Despite the arrival of Starbucks, the Chinese still take their tea very seriously. Tea is served to guests as a greeting and friendly welcome and the varieties of tea are endless. Teas are also used extensively in Chinese traditional medicine for relief of a whole number of ailments. Our instructor, Professor Tea, provided an overview of the history of tea in China and the ritual of presentation.

20120618-152412.jpg The tea making ritual should be calming and an opportunity to share time with friends. We learned about the different teas including green teas (unfermented), Oolong Teas (partially fermented), black teas (fully fermented), and dark teas (additionally fermented). We also learned about flower and herbal teas.


20120618-152804.jpg We then had an opportunity to practice making our own tea. This is not how you would brew your morning cup but rather the ritual you would follow with friends you are welcoming into your home.

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