Hutongs and our Rickshaw Tour

After lunch we toured by rickshaw the Hutong District adjacent to the Forbidden City.

20120616-222046.jpgA Hutong is an ancient city alley and in the period following the construction of the Forbidden City, Emperors planned Hutongs around the periphery. The Hutong we visited has house prices that rival Manhattan. That does not sound surprising as after all it is Beijing. Perhaps you would be surprised to hear that most of these dwellings have no bathrooms in them. There are restrooms every 50 meters or so. The family house we visited was a traditional quadrangle style with a garden at the center. Different family members slept in different parts of the house. Parents were in the north building. Girls were in the west because they needed to be pampered. Boys were to the east because that was the coldest part of the house and they needed to be tough.



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