Pingyao and Food

We just finished breakfast and are on the bus headed out on our next adventure. As we leave Pingyao, I thought I would take stock of the delicious food we ate because it raised the bar for the rest of our time. I have a few things to note first. The first is that the food is very fresh and the second is that there are no sweets. This may account for the low level of obesity in China. Apparently in Northern China the food tends to be more salty while in the south more sweet.

My favorite dish to date was this one made with garlic shoots. The sauce had a lovely garlic flavor as well as a slight vinegar tang. The mushrooms and meat all blended well together.

You can see the table full of food we typically were served.

The flavor profile varies with the dish and the nuances make a big difference. Each dish has a lovely mix of flavors with variations I just have not experienced with Asian food before.



20120614-082003.jpgThis dish was a cool soup that had wonderful citrus notes. It was as close to dessert as it comes. It also makes you sleepy. I can attest to that.

Our breakfast was more Americanized as you can see. Eggs, toast, and crepes were the order of the day.

20120614-082251.jpgThis is a more traditional Chinese breakfast with porridge, a hot sweet bun, and other items.


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