Buddhist Temples & Qiao Family Mansion

This morning we toured two Buddhist Monasteries including Zhenguo. Each monastery had more than one temple within the grounds with different statues of the Buddha within.



20120614-135032.jpgNotice the one thousand year old tree shaped like a dragon.



We then traveled to see the Qiao Family Mansion. This is a 1000 room mansion that was owned by the very wealthy Qiao Family. The family lived during the Qing Dynasty and managed to be wealthy and influential for 5 generations. This is important because in China there is a saying that “one family cannot be rich for more then three generations.” The Qiao family house is made up of multiple courtyards and housed the imperial family when they were running from the Japanese.



20120614-135821.jpgThe final photo is a recreation of the “The Lucky Pick” tradition in China where a 1 year old would be presented with a bunch of items and whatever he or she chose would predict his or her future.

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