Pingyao By Day

Pingyao is laid out according to the principles of Feng shui. The gates of the city must face north, south, east, and west. There must be intersecting roads and the layout of buildings must be appropriately balanced. We learned about this after lunch. Our hotel served what was the most delicious meal yet. We have discovered that a sign of respect is to ply your guests with as much food as possible. In fact, overwhelm your guests with food.
In the afternoon we checked out the ancient criminal justice system as well as Confucianism and education. We visited the old seat of city government, toured the courts, offices, and jail. We then went to the Confucian Temple and saw the way they administered standardized tests. Our kids have it easy with the SAT! Did I mention that we got a nap in after lunch? It was delicious and necessary.

20120613-182558.jpgThis picture is criminal court.

20120613-182636.jpgHere is the convict kneeling before the magistrate. Execution is likely.

20120613-182733.jpgHere is the entrance to the Confucian Temple.

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