Adventures in China – Lights

After a very long journey we finally made it to our hotel in Xi’an at about 2am local time. We were all weary after 28 hours of travel and no one had trouble falling asleep. The Days Inn Hotel is lovely although there are a few differences from hotels in the States. I discovered the first difference when I opened the door to my room. Remember, it is 2:15am and I am a little tired.  I entered the room, the door closed behind me and I started trying to find a light switch. Actually I found the light switch but it didn’t do anything. Then I found another switch and it did nothing. It is pitch black in the room, 2:15am, and I am trying to decide if I should just fall into bed, call the front desk to say there is a power failure, or keep fumbling around. I had my cell phone light as a flashlight and finally I found a card slot that said “Insert Room Key to Energize.” So I followed the instructions and voila!, I had lights. Two minutes later I was sound asleep in bed.

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