Boston Marathon Family Style

ImageIt was a two-family affair heading up to Boston to cheer on Alice and Greg as they ran the 2012 Boston Marathon.  For the previous week, our runners received warning after warning about the temperature on race day so we were all bracing for the worst.  We surveyed the course on Sunday to establish where the cheering section would be and decided on Mile 20.  It had all the important elements.  It was easily identifiable to the runners, close to Panera Bread with a clean restroom, and included a shaded area for the kids to hang out and cool off.  The temperature did reach 88 degrees but we all managed to stay cool, even our runners.  What an incredible event to see.  The wheelchair bound athletes were truly inspiring and the elite runners impressive.  After Alice and Greg blew by Mile 20, we hopped on the T to Boston to meet them at the finish line.  Somehow we managed to meet our runners and hold on to all our children amidst the throngs of people.  Alice and Greg finished the race in style on a hot day and we all had a great experience.

BBQ Bonanza II

It is a Thursday night and what better activity for a group of seven guys than eating BBQ.  The Second Annual BBQ Bonanza sent us out in search of Philly’s best BBQ.  We learned from our previous BBQ Bonanza that eating at four BBQ joints in one night was a little over the top so this year we settled on two.  The Rib Crib in Germantown was our first stop.  We picked up Chicken and Ribs, the two items on the menu, and headed for our second stop, Sweet Lucy’s in the Great Northeast.  The Rib Crib has no seating so we decided we would do a side by side comparison at Sweet Lucy’s.  We were a little nervous that Sweet Lucy’s would not like us eating another establishment’s BBQ in their restaurant, but after a quick chat they were eager to hear who won.

So the winner is….Sweet Lucy’s in a landslide.  As the Rib Crib reviews on Yelp, Urban Spoon and in other places, the ribs can be great one day and not so great on another.  I have had good ribs from them but on this night they were not good.  It was a unanimous decision of the group.  The Sweet Lucy ribs were delicious with just the right texture and flavor.  We also had their pulled pork (yummy), brisket (also yummy), and chicken.  photo of the restaurant interior

Last year we hit Jimmy’s BBQ in Malvern, Tommy Gunns in Manayunk, Percy Street in downtown Philadelphia, and Baby Blues BBQ by U Penn.  There was no clear winner last year.  Jimmy’s had the best pulled pork, Tommy Gunns the best sauces, Percy Street the best brisket, and Baby Blues the best sides.  In fairness though, by the time we got to Baby Blues there was no more room for tasting.  This year Sweet Lucy was the clear winner and would likely take the other places to task.  Next up on the Philly food circuit is a night of pizza tasting.