Chasing Food Trucks

The idea came to us while we were watching a rerun of The Great Food Truck Race on the Food Network. A quick Google search lead us to Craig LeBan’s list of the top food trucks in Philly. Who knew there were so many in our city? Twitter provided the current location and off we went. Our first foray lead us to Lucky Old Souls, a truck specializing in burgers, fries, milkshakes and homemade soda. The salted caramel milkshake was delicious as was the Los Burger.  Anything that layers homemade bacon, smoked cheddar, and pickled tomatoes with a burger is great with us.

Since our Lucky Old Souls adventure, we chased down the Guapos Tacos and Pitruco Pizza trucks at Love Park.  Guapos is the creation of Jose Garces and features meaty tacos.  They were good but not extraordinary.  I have a particular love for fish tacos and they were not on the menu.  The Pitruco Pizza was delicious.  Who would have thought about installing a brick oven in a truck.  The pizza was better than most Philly pizza.

Our last outing was in search of Sugar Philly.  A truck that specializes in sweet treats like French Macarons, Crème Brulée, and Cheesecake.  The day we found them near Penn, they only had Macarons.  We got all the available flavors and loved them.   I don’t know where our next adventure will take us but Philly Magazine has an article on Philly Food Trucks and Yelp has a great food truck ranking.  Fine dining is available curbside!